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Viper's Den


Viper is one of the poisonous snakes. It is admired for its beauty, deadly poison and other things.

Viper Gang

Viper Team was found by Mr. Sreeni. Later it was expanded to include several other team members. The team is called so because of its similiarities with the Viper. The Viper team consists of deadly, yet kind, poisonous but gentle members. When someone needs help, Vipers are there to help them. They have added many feathers to their caps and continue to do so.

Team Members

  1. Sreeni (Founder member), TCS, Florida. E-mail
  2. Rajesh K.A, San Jose, USE-mail
  3. Sujai Kumar T.S, BaaN Info Systems, Hyderabad. E-mail Or Here
  4. Suresh P.S, US. E-mail
  5. Rajesh P.K(that's me), CTS, Chennai, India. Email me here

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