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Everyone has some moments of joy and laughter, which they like to cherish forever. Photographs help in adding a little more spice to those moments. Here are some from my collection.
Most of these images are around 20-30K. They are not in any particular order.

Recent Snaps

Napa Valley Snaps

The rest of them

With my parents
With my parents, brother and grand mother
With my brother - An early snap
With the Associate of the Year Award
Kodai 1
Kodai 2
Cycling In Kodaikanal
In Thirukazhukunram with Pai and Priya
In Thirukazhukunram with Priya
In Yercaud 1
In Yercaud 2
In Yercaud 3
In CTS with Chitra, Pai and Priya
Farewell to Raj Kumar
In Business India Magazine
In Mahabalipuram with some friends
96 CTS Annual Day
Research and Development Team - Baymates
Research and Development Team
Research and Development Team - Another One
Another CTS Team
With CUSAT Friends in Kovalam Beach
CUSAT Friends
CUSAT Friends at Mahabalipuram
My beloved brother, Ramesh
REC colleauges
Trip to Pookkodu - 1
Trip to Pookkodu - 2
With Jowhar
With Dilip - 1
With Dilip - 2
Ooty - With Jiji and Meeraj
Trip to Warangal - 1
Trip to warangal - 2
With Raj Kumar
Padi's Treat at Pizza Corner
Rourkela - In the Park
On the way to Rourkela - Train
Farewell to Venkatesh
Dave and Rena's Wedding Snaps

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