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Manja Pathram Vol. 9

Guys, Volume 9 is out. We have a lot of information this time. read on to catch the latest news.

Table of Contents

1. Annan marries at last
2. Suresh involved again
3. Sreeni is back with his bag of tricks
4. PK's chuttikkali in Madras
5. NJ's great fall

1. Annan marries!

After a long time and a couple of trials and errors, KA decided to marry a girl(who else?). He married his junior (who didn't know any of his ex-college activities),called Nishedhi, funny name, 'cos she didn't show any "nishedhitharam."  The marriage was well attended by his god friends who came expecting some good friends of her.

And we know from reliable sources that KA cried at the time of departure from his home for US. And she didn't cry. Does it ring a bell? Well it did for us, an ominous ring. This is now concreted by KA's continuing absence from the group mailing activities. Suresh says, KA doesn't get time to goto office even in the daytime. May be he is sleeping!!! KA, are you awake?

2. Suresh involved again

We know for sure that Suresh has started his romantic activities again. Suresh, who was on a low gear after being snubbed by the dual side of a Gemini, has started seeing a girl(we still do not know which, since we saw two of them). More details are expected soon.

3. Sreeni is back

Sreeni is back from UK. After he was thrown out of UK after the police case (in case you missed it, read it here.), he came back to B'lore. And b'lore guys were intelligent to understand that the best way to keep him under control is to put him in TCS TVM so that he will be always monitored by his sister. And he has finally ended in TVM. He has already started some of his tricks out of the bag. Let's see if he gets himself thrown out of Nila also.  Sreeni, we don't hear anything about your .. er what do you call...would be..??? Did you try any of your tricks at her(most probably at her friends)?

4. PK's chuttikkali in Madras

It is learnt that PK, the MP editor is having an affair with "AN INNOCENT DIVORCEE with no obligations." Internal resources say that this has been going on for sometime and that the Kodai trip cemented the relationship. MP is eagerly awaiting more details. Madras Lekhike, why don't you try?

5. NJ's great fall

The Bangalore reporter reports that NJ fell from a bike sometime back. She sufferred minor injuries. Driver also sustained injuries. The name of the driver is still unknown. It is heard that nearby houses suffered minor damages due to the earth quake that preceded the fall. It is heard that NJ has left for US to do the Plastic Surgery(don't aks where!) immediately after the accident.
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