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MP Vol. 8

Dear subscribers,

Due to unforeseen reasons (editor's ill health, Bangalore lekhakhan was not well(!!), US & UK reporters were going after Madamma-s), the next issue of MP got delayed. Our sincere and heart felt apologies. A lot of things happened in these days. We won't be able to catch up with all of them in this. But we will try to pack as much as possible in this issue.

The editor request others also to contribute to the MP by sending articles and cartoons and make it a big success.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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Table of Contents

1. Shiji's Valentines Day
2. US team goes on a SAFE trip.
3. Ammayi gets someone again
4. PK gets BABL degree
5. Police arrest TCS employee in UK
6. Chakkikkothoru Chankaran

1. Shiji's Valentine's Day

Question : Why did Shiji delay her return Journey by two days?

Our Denmark spy report that Shiji Jacob has been involved in nocturnal activties. She was reportedly seen with a Saayu in different places at different times. And though she was expected to come here by Monday, she started from there only from Sunday so that she can spend the Valentine's day with him. And what a change on her!! She has become a proper Madamma. From Diana to Madamma!! We wonder - When is she going back??

2. US Team goes on a SAFE trip.

Our US team has gone on a SAFE trip. Appu was very much concerned about the SAFETY of the trip and we heard that he took adequate precautions. We were sure that KA and Vijay will take precautions now that their marriage is fixed. Appu, how did the trip go?

3. Ammayi gets someone again.

I should appreciate the capabilities of Lallu. After pouring oil into many persons' "Mudi kayaral" expeditions, she has at last allowed someone to climb it completely. And how! She has flown to US, started playing Basket ball, claim that he is "looking her" after very well. Hey ladies, learn from her how to keep boys at bay!! Sreeni, did your madamma also teach you any ball games, Er... I mean basket ball or base ball.

4. PK gets his BABL degree.

Recently PK got his BA BL degree. Everyone should be knowing that he got the CTS Best Associate award. Close to that the doctor gave the BL degree. For those who wonder what is BL, it is Bad Liver. THe degree courtsey Sreekumar, Manda BA

5. Police arrest TCS employee in UK

UK police has arrested an TCS employee along with his UK boss. They were arrested for dangereous dancing. The two FAT persons  were posing a threat to the Dancing floor and the building. So the club owners called the police. The sources say that this dancing has been going on for a while. It is not known if they plan to switch to a SAFE dancing!!

6. Chakkikothoru chankaran

I know that even without telling the details, you will udnerstand about whom I am talking. Yes, I am talking about our micro. We have reports that state that both are complimentary. Even during the Visa processing they went different ways.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed it. We hope that you will continue doing all the mischevious acts and create more news for the MP.


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