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PK's Friends

It is said that a person can be analyzed by looking at his friends. By finding out who and what type of friends one have, Others can easily find out what kind of a person he is. So instead of telling about me, I will tell about my friends.

Renu John Thomas

A nice cool customer. Well built(physically as well as mentally), she has been an open person and have always lent good support to everyone. Famous for her laugh(especially with the wide open eyes!), she found wide acceptance among everyone. She recently found her lifemate in Abraham. Hey! All the best.

Maya K.

Maya is a person I like very much. Have never seen her angry. She has won the hearts of almost all the persons with her charming personality and behaviour.Always supportive and inspiring,she is the owner of a pair of beautiful eyes. "Karutha penne, karinguzhali, Ninakkoruthan kizhakudiche!"

Smitha, Preetha

Smitha is unassuming, calm and quiet, and walk in a particular style. This 'Alappuzhakkari' is nice to all and makes others laugh with her naughty wits... As my friend Sreeni will agree, "Worth having as a sister".

Preetha is brilliant and intelligent. Active all the time(for her benifits, of course), she can handle most of the tough situations. Known as 'MicroPreetha' thanks to her size, she likes to pick up a fight once in a while, just for the fun of having a fight. Dinesh, you're gonna have a tough time.

Rajesh K.A

I(we) have often wondered if we were twins, born apart. We think and do most of the things similiarly. If I tell him something, he will tell me, "I was about to tell you the same thing." And vice versa. Family backgrounds also similiar, we did all things(well, almost) similiar. He love music and me too. He can sing, I can't! The cartoons we co-authored were very popular among our friends. Fortunately, no one retaliated. It looks like, "Yehi hai Jadoo Friendship Ka!" (This is the magic of Friendship!)

Sujai Kumar

Panchara is Panchara. Always ahead in everything(including marriage!). He was the first and formost target of the cartoons created by KA and myself. Bright and brilliant, this art loving friend of mine met his match very recently. He found her in the HR. Poor guy!(or was he lucky? He got a promotion recently.). Krishna, where will the gopikas go now?

Suresh P.S

Rock solid(except once when he slipped; and what a slip it was!). Was ideological, but of late have come in terms with reality. Recently gone to US, my socialist friend expects to amass money! Appooppa, Dollar Dollar...


Sreeni, alias Viper No.1. Known to his sister as Annan, is not like "annaan"(im malayalam, it means squirrel), but rather directly opposite. Have a heart like his body. And a brain proportionate to his head(well, this is a debatable issue). Likes to play with the computer when he is not sleeping.

Sujith Rajagopal

Sujith is my school friend. A lawyer by profession, he has ventured into almost all sorta things, except Computers(thank god). After a lot of struggle, he has reached the "Kaasilla, Kesundu" stage. He got married recently to his long known ex-classmate. Join me in wishing them all the best for his married and professional life.

Sreekumar C.

A Sweet person. Haven't seen him angry. Journalist by profession, he found happiness in serving children rather than the media. Loss to media and advantage SOS. Sree, my best wishes.

Vivek Khanna

My room mate for two years and friend since 1989. He was strictly disciplined. And I was the direct opposite. He used to do everything in advance and I was very lazy. Imagine this combination. Still we are very good friends. A perfect example of "Opposite Poles attract each other".

Aswani Kumar

Born in a family of soldiers, it was natural for my school friend to join the forces. Well, he is one of the few who has achieved something which I have not been able to.

Jayaram V.R

Jayaram came and conquered every one; so fast, so easily. Once KA left, he was the one to give me company(you know what!). We started to synch together like KA and Me. Jayaram, here I come...

And many more yet to come....

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